2019 Cult Control Review

Edit: This post has been updated on 10/11/19 to addm ore pictures and make the post more relevant.

It’s that time that BMX company’s release their new 2019 bike line up. Most are already available at Danscomp, who I have bought from since I started riding BMX over 8 years ago. 

Since writing this post, Danscomp has failed to fulfill a number of customer orders and have been bought out. The new owners are in the process of getting everything back together. I would suggest buying parts elsewhere until everything is sorted out.

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My name is Douglas and I love BMX! I’ve been riding for a solid 10 years and I love every second of it. With the new digital age evolving more and more, I find it hard to keep up with the sport I love. So I started this blog to expand my knowledge and share the adventures of my life. Lets talk about the NEW 2019 Cult Control…


The 2019 Cult Control bike is a mid level BMX bike with parts designed to hold up for tricks and spins off small drops. This bike is designed a little bit more towards people who like to ride in the park as well as the streets. It does have a more street counterpart: 2019 Cult Control 4pc. if street is more your focus.
For this review you might need to understand the difference in Chromoly vs. Hi-tensile steel. I describe it here.

cult control rating


For just under $500 you can own this bike! The retail is currently $469 but don’t forget about tax and shipping!

Check here for a coupon with your order. Most coupons include free shipping or 10% off, if you’re lucky you may even find a 20% off.

$469 is a good amount especially when you consider the amount of Hi-tensile steel that’s used in this bike. The front triangle of this bike is full chromoly which is a big plus, they also use good parts like:
-heat treated chromoly cranks
-sealed wheel bearings
-sealed bottom bracket
Quality sealed parts and chromoly cranks will keep your bike running longer and stronger.

If you plan on doing a lot of spins down drops or are learning 360’s and 540’s I’d recommend spending the extra $200-$300 and getting a full chromoly frame. With Hi-ten back ends they tend to bend whichever way you spin from continuous impact.


Quality is a big part of your bike! Why would you run something that is lacking quality? The Cult Control bike is pretty good quality. Although in my opinion the price outweighs the quality. 

The Bad

The worst part about this bike is the Tri-moly frame. (code for chromoly front triangle) I kind of talked about this in the price category, but when buying a frame you want something that’s going to last. Hi-tensile steel is a lot weaker then chromoly, and it will bend before it breaks. What good is a bent frame? 

This bike also comes with 75% Hi-ten forks. The only chromoly in the forks is the steer tube. Forks made like this tend to bend when you land hard. Learning tricks like disasters and rock and rolls will take a toll on your forks and make them look like a low rider.

The Good

The Cult Control Bike comes with a double wall back rim which will significantly outlast a single wall rim. I remember learning whips on my single wall back rim. I turned it into a taco.

You also get chromoly cranks that will hold up when you start doing big drops and gaps. All of the bearings are sealed so don’t plan on replacing these any time soon! 

This bike comes with the Cult Dehart Tires. They have a good design and grip well in parks and streets.


Riding park on this bike will be pretty easy because it has features like 25/9 drive. This is the gearing most people ride and it gives you good acceleration with a good top speed so you’re able to get the speed you need for that big air or high speed line. The 9 inch bars give you a lot of control in the bowls and this is assisted by the 75 degree headtube angle which is a mellow angle.


We gave it a higher rating in street because it has Cult Dehart Tires, removable brake mounts, and a long 13.65″ chainstay. The Dehart tires will grip really good at any spot you sesh. The brake mounts can come off and you can have a clean looking brake less bike. A 13.65 chainstay is pretty big compared to a lot of park frames. Having a longer chainstay will give you a bigger balance point for manuals. You will also be able to pull back more without looping out, this will make bunnyhops higher! 


The 2019 Cult Control bike got a low rating in dirt for two reasons. 
Hi-ten Back end: When spinning on dirt jumps or coming up short your frame will bend over time. 
Hi-ten Forks: If you can’t clear every jump that you hit perfectly don’t try and lean with these forks. As discussed above.. they will band and you will have a low rider. 


Cult has a good name in making quality parts. This bike is designed for entry level riders to learn the ropes of BMX. It is a good mixture of beginner parts and quality parts that will last throughout a number of bikes. Get out there and go ride! 

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