BSD Substance Cranks Review

BSD Substance Cranks Overview

Single bolt design, 2.5pc cranks. Now in new Flat Raw and Flat Black finishes…

Heat treated 4130 chromoly arms with rectangular cross section for increased stiffness. 

Heat treated 4130 chromoly 22mm diameter CNC machined 48 spline hollow spindle.

Extra beefy pedal boss with angle on the back for frame clearance.

RHD/LHD compatible.

From BSD

Price & Weight are comparative to how good the deal is.

Good deal = 5 Star

Bad Deal = 1 Star

black substance cranks spindle
raw substance cranks
black substance cranks
group photo of substance cranks
close up of substance cranks

Images from BSD

BSD Substance Cranks Specs

Price: $169.99 ON SALE $127.14


  • 165 mm
  • 170 mm
  • 175 mm

What Size For You

165 mm is the shortest crank arm size. With a short crank arm you can do more revolutions. It also gives your feet more clearance from hitting your pegs as you pedal.

170 mm is the middle size. If you aren’t tall and don’t have problems with your feet hitting your peg get this one!

175 mm This size is best for a taller rider.



MaterialHeat treated 4130 chromo
Length165mm / 170mm / 175mm
Spindle diameter22mm
Weight1.95 lbs


Personally, I have never ridden 22mm cranks. I probably should because I have snapped over 3 pairs. These cranks have a perfect balance of strength and weight. I like the 2 pc. design and the strong pedal boss!

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