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2020 We The People Crysis Review

by Douglas Laird
20 minutes read
matte trans teal wethepeople crysis

The Crysis is a strong mid-level bike. Made with full chromoly, aftermarket SALT and ECLAT parts, sealed bearings, and much more. This bike weighs 26.66 lbs, and is designed to hold up to any kind of mid-level riding. Is it worth $660 though?

2020 We The People Crysis Highlights

  • Chromoly frame, forks, and bars
  • Sealed Bearings
  • After Market ECLAT & SALT Parts
  • 26.66 lbs
matte black crysis
matte trans teal crysis
matte black crysis seat
matte black crysis bars close up
matte black crysis tire close up
matte trans teal crysis close up
matte trans teal rear wheel close up
matte trans teal stem close up crysis
matte black crysis bars close up

Images from WTP https://wethepeoplebmx.de/bikes/arcade

2020 We The People Crysis Overview

The Crysis is a sleek and stealthy bike designed to rip it on all terrains, with a spec that could easily be found on the same bikes the pro teams are riding on this year. You’ll find a generous helping of Wethepeople aftermarket parts including the all-terrain 2.35” overbite tires, Logic sprocket and now the Logic stem. If that wasn’t enough, the Crysis is available in two frame sizes (20.5” or 21”), both of which use WTP’s new invest cast wishbone and taller 127mm head tube for a super clean and refined look. 

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2020 We The People Crysis Specs





FRAME MATERIAL: 4130 full crmo frame, tapered SS & CS removable pivots & guides, 127mm head tube
TOP TUBE LENGTH: 20.5”-21″ – Learn what size is right for you here.
HEADTUBE ANGLE: 75° – Learn About Head Tube Angles Here
FORKS: SALTPLUS “CRYSIS” fork, full 4130 crmo , butted crmo steerer, 28mm offset
BARS: SALTPLUS “CRYSIS” 2pc bar, full 4130 crmo
STEM: WETHEPEOPLE “LOGIC” top loading stem, 50mm reach
HEADSET: SALT “PRO” int. headset, sealed bearing
BRAKES: ÉCLAT “TALON” alloy u-brake rear
FRONT HUB: SALTPLUS “PRO” hub, sealed bearing, 3/8”s female bolts, 36h
FRONT RIM: SALTPLUS “SUMMIT” 36mm double wall rim, 36h – Learn about single vs double wall rims here
REAR HUB: SALTPLUS “PRO” cassette hub, full sealed, 9t, 14mm axle, 36h
REAR RIM: SALTPLUS “SUMMIT” 36mm double wall rim, 36h
TYRES: WETHEPEOPLE “Overbite” 2.35″ front & rear
SPROCKET: WETHEPEOPLE “LOGIC” 6061-T6 alloy, 25t sprocket
CRANKS: SALTPLUS “Ultra” square profile 3pc “TSS” crank crmo 170mm, 8 spline
BB: SALT “MID” 19mm, press fit, sealed bearing
PEDALS: ÉCLAT “SLASH” loose ball, nylon/fiberglass pedals
SEAT: ÉCLAT “BIOS” fat padded pivotal seat
WEIGHT: 12.09kg / 26.66lbs – without brakes, with pegs

Frame Geometry

A: Top Tube Length:  20.5″-21″ – Learn what size is right for you here.

A 20.5″ TT is for smaller riders.

If you are around 5′ to 5’6″ get a 20.5″

If you are taller than 5’6″ get a 21″

B: Chain Stay Length: 13.2”

A 13.2″ Chain stay is a little longer than average. A longer Chain stay givers your more control with manuals and ice picks.

C: Head Tube Angle: 75° – Learn About Head Tube Angles Here

Steep head tube angles make the bike “snappy” meaning more responsive to fast turns.

A less steep head tube gives you more control.

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.65″

F: Stand Over Height: 8.75”-9″

The Stand over height affects how much frame there is to control tricks with. 8.75″ is around the average size.

2020 We The People Crysis Price

$660 is a lot of money for a bike. That’s why it is aimed at people who are pretty serious about riding and who want a good bike to last them a while. This is a good first bike if you are already serious about bmx.

2020 We The People Crysis Quality

The WTP Crysis is a mid-level bike with high-level quality. I love it when I review a bike with this level off quality, because it reassures me that there is still some good bike being made.

Full chromoly. This bike has Chromoly bars, forks, and frame. This means that these parts will last a lot longer than hi-tensile steel. Learn more here.

The cranks on the Crysis are something we don’t normally see on complete bikes. 48 spline cranks!! While this may not seem like much… 48 spline cranks are a lot stronger and lighter than 8 spline cranks.

Double wall rims are a must for any serious street riding. Sending spins down big drops will absolutely murder single wall rims.


Really Good Quality

As I mentioned in the quality section, this bike has really really good parts!


A little expensive

It is designed as a mid-level bike, but it is pushing a pro-level price. I wish this bike could get a little closer to $500.

Buy if you are learning:

  • x up rides
  • 360
  • barspins
  • 180 combos
  • crankflips
  • Grinds
  • Whips

Don’t buy if you are learning:

  • Good for anything

Conclusion 🤩

I think the Crysis is a great bike for anyone. It has a somewhat low price point making it affordable for most. If you make the investment in the Crysis, you get really good parts. It will last the average rider quite a while. The specs are designed to help you progress in the streets as well as the park.

If you decide to buy this bike get it from Chain Reaction, which sells in the US and UK.

User Submissions

From David in Madrid @dab_catorce

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall do you have to be for this bike?

This bike is great for riders between 5′ and 6′
If you are over 5’6″ get the 21″ TopTube.
If you are shorter, get the 20.5″

How long will this bike last me?

Depending on how aggressive you ride… It should last over a year.

What are Eclat parts?

Eclat is a brand with a stacked team of pro riders. Including Sean Burns, Alex Kennedy, Ty Morrow, and other hardcore street gods.

Is this a good bike?

This is one of the best WTP bikes for the price!

How much does the WTP Crysis weigh?

It weighs 26.66 lbs

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