2020 Fiend Type B Bike Review

Fiends type B bmx bike is a $500 mid-level street machine. People who want to ride the type B, need a bike with some pegs that will allow progression in the streets. This bike has a RHD cassette hub and 2 pegs. Let’s see if it is worth the money.

⛔️ – Full Chromoly
✅ – Under $500
✅ – Double Wall Rims
✅ – Pegs
✅ – Fully Sealed Bearings
✅ – 3 pc. Cranks
⛔️ – Freecoaster – What is a freecoaster?Opens in a new tab.


  • Full Chromoly
  • 3 pc. cranks
  • Double wall rims
  • Aftermarket Parts
2020 fiend type be chain stay picture
2020 fiend type b seat picture
2020 fiend type b bars and stem picture
2020 fiend type b front wheel picture
2020 fiend type b frame close up picture

Images From https://fiendbmx.com/products/type-b-my2020?variant=30902687203462

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2020 Fiend Type B Overview

The Fiend Type B series bikes are their mid-level, performance-based bikes that live up to expectations at a great price. The 2020 Fiend Type B features the Embryo frame with chromoly construction, industry-standard 20.75” top tube and a progressive geometry for learning tricks. Bolt-on a chromoly fork and an impressive spec. from Fiend and Mission for a bike that’s ready to do it all: 9” chromoly bars, Fiend alloy topload stem and flangeless Team grips, 3-piece chromoly cranks, double-wall alloy rims, sealed front and cassette rear hub, 2.4” tires and four nylon-sleeved pegs included.

from: Albes

2020 Fiend Type B Specs


$499.99Opens in a new tab. on sourcebmx



FRAME MATERIAL: Hi-Ten Steel w/ Chromoly Toptube & Downtube
FORKS: Type B 100% Chromo, 26mm Offset
BARS: Type B 100% Chromo, 9″ Rise
STEM: Fiend Crown Top Load 50mm
HEADSET: Sealed Integrated
BRAKES: Mission Cease
FRONT HUB: Mission Echo SB 3/8″ Axle
FRONT RIM: Mission Mylar Double Wall
REAR HUB: Mission React SB Cassette,14mm Axle
REAR RIM: Mission Mylar Double Wall
TYRES: Innova Street 2.40″
SPROCKET: Fiend Type O Steel 25t
CRANKS: 165mm Chromoly
BB: Sealed Mid 19mm
PEDALS: Nylon Fiend Reynolds
SEAT: Fiend 1pc. Combo
WEIGHT: 27.5 lbs (with 2 pegs)

Frame Geometry

A: Top Tube Length:  20.75″ – Learn what size is right for you here.Opens in a new tab.

This is a medium toptube.

Perfect for riders that are between 5’6″ to 5’8″

B: Chain Stay Length: 12.75” – Learn About Chain Stays HereOpens in a new tab.

This is a medium chain stay designed to balance tech and flow riding.

C: Head Tube Angle: 75° – Learn About Head Tube Angles HereOpens in a new tab.

Steep head tube angles make the bike “snappy” meaning more responsive to fast turns.

A less steep head tube gives you more control.

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.75″

F: Stand over height: 8.5″

This is a medium standover.

A tall standover gives you more stability and will make bars, and t-bogs easier.

2020 Fiend Type B Price

So I think that $499 is a good price for a bmx bike. However, I wish that the frame was full chromoly. This bike is really good if you just want to test out bmx. But if you have dreams of sending really huge tricks later on down the line, go with a full Chromoly bike.

2020 Fiend Type B Quality

The type B is a mid-level bmx bike. Meaning it has medium quality. Here are the good parts on this bike:


$500 Price Point

A lot of bikes come right around $300-$500. It is always good to see when a bike comes in at less than $500 because I think parents are more apt to buy a bike for this price.


Tri-moly frame

I wrote a post hereOpens in a new tab. explaining the difference in full chromoly and trimoly. A bike that is “trimoly” is a lot weaker as the back end will bend over time with spins.

Buy if you are learning:

  • HopsOpens in a new tab.
  • Barspin
  • 180
  • Feeble
  • Smith
  • x-up ride

Don’t buy if you are learning:

  • Tailwhip
  • 540
  • big drops
  • flips
  • big 360s

2020 Fiend Type B Conclusion 🤩

If you consider yourself a mid-level rider, who needs a bike that can hold up to tricks like barspins, small 360’s and basic street grinds… this bike will work for you. I think it is a good price for what you get, especially because fiend builds quality stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall do you have to be for this bike?

This bike is great for riders between 5′ 6″ to 5’8″

How long will this bike last me?

For a mid-level rider, this bike will last about 2 years.

Is this a good bike?

Good for more mid-level and beginner riders.

How much does it weigh?

The Fiend Type B weighs about 27.5 lbs. Remember that this includes 2 pegs.

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