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11 Best 2021 BMX Bikes

by Douglas Laird
35 minutes read

On Dougsterbob.com I dive deep and look into all of the BMX specs on a bike and describe which rider the bike is made for. After reviewing over 100 BMX bikes, I have seen some good, and some bad. So I decided to put together a list that describes 11 of the best 2021 BMX bikes.

Top 2021 BMX Bikes

Bike ModelBike PriceBike QualityStreet, Dirt or Park?Variations
2021 Fly Supernova$540Mid-Level, 18″Well RoundedNone
2021 Sunday EX$509Mid-LevelStreet & ParkEric Elstran & Julian Artega
2021 Kink Gap$399BeginnerWell RoundedXL, Freecoaster
2021 Kink Switch$499Mid-Level & High-LevelStreetNone
2021 WTP CRS$419BeginnerStreet & ParkFreecoaster
2021 Subrosa Malum$539Mid-levelWell RoundedNone
2021 Cult Devotion$539Mid-levelStreetNone
2021 Fit PRK$449BeginnerParkXS, MD
2021 Subrosa Salvador$459BeginnerWell RoundedXL, Freecoaster, Park
2021 Kink Whip$439Mid-LevelWell RoundedXL
2021 Stolen Heist$449BeginnerWell RoundedNone

How are they Judged?

I rank these bikes based on price to quality ratio. Which I made up to determine if the price a company is charging seems fair based on the quality of the bike. This is to help my readers from getting ripped off because, sadly, some companies charge way too much for their bikes.

Keep in mind, that riding style, height, weight, and skill level really play a huge role in getting a bike that is perfect for you. I have a form that you can fill out and submit to me. I’ll look at the info and make you a personal recommendation PDF with 3 perfect bikes for you. Learn more below.

1. 2021 Fly Supernova

Supernova Highlights

Frame QualityFull Chromoly
ColorsGloss Black
Gloss Orange
Toptube Size17.5″
Weight21.1 lb


BRAKE INCLUDED (no pictured)
With the addition of the new Trebol Mini Lever, Trebol Mini Stem and the new fork design with an integrated cone shape design, the 18” Supernova is more dialed than we could have imagined!

This bike features a 100% chromoly frame, fork & bars, fully sealed hubs, Trebol Bueno 152mm cranks, Ruben 135mm grips, and Fuego 18” tires. This bike is scaled down to ride just like our 20” bikes.

The Supernova is designed for the little shredders out there that need a bike that can hold up to a higher level of riding but are not quite ready for a full-size bike

The 2021 Supernova is available in Gloss Orange with Flat Black parts, and Gloss Black with Flat Black parts and Polished hubs.

RHD: Right Drive Side (Sprocket on the right side)
LHD: Left Drive Side (Sprocket on the left side)

Price: $540

This bike is pretty expensive at $540. But it is one of the best 18″ bikes on the market. And all things considered, I think it is a really good deal.

Who is it for?

The Fly Supernova is an 18″ bike perfect for riders who are 4′ to 4’10”. Now I only recommend this bike to someone who is really serious about BMX since it is pretty expensive for an 18″. But it is the best quality 18″, I recommended this to someone who was looking for an 18″ for his son, that his other (younger) son will eventually grow into. So it had to last a while.

Read about the Specs, Quality, and more HERE

2. 2021 Sunday EX

EX Highlights

Frame QualityFull Chromoly
ColorsMatte Raw
Matte Trans Red
Toptube Size20.75″|21″
Weight25.75 lb


With a 100% chromoly frame, fork, and bars, the 2021 EX is a bike that is difficult to match.

These bikes pushes the envelope with a tough, pro-level, Odyssey/Sunday parts package and frame design upgrades like the EX’s removable braking hardware mean business, even when your approach to riding is all about having fun.

Price: $509.99 on Danscomp

For right around $500, the Sunday EX could be yours. I’m not sure how I feel about this though. Part of me says the aftermarket parts are killer and the bike is worth it. But another part of me is mad about the single-wall rim.

Who is it for?

This bike is perfect for someone who has a love for street riding. It has a handful of aftermarket parts that will keep it rolling for a lot longer than other stock bikes. The person who gets this bike should be riding at a mid-level. I really like that there are two options, so you can get a freecoaster option if you want, or a longer toptube. It’s all up to your style.

Read about the Specs, Quality, and more HERE

3. 2021 Kink Gap

Gap Highlights

Frame QualityTri-Moly
ColorsGloss Black Chrome
Matte Bone White
Toptube Size20.5″
Weight26 lb 13 oz


The Gap is a versatile machine ready to handle anything you throw at it. Featuring modern geometry, the frame, fork, and bars add 4130 chromoly into the mix and is available in both Matte Bone White and Gloss Black Chrome colorways. Components found on the Gap take things up a notch and are not to be missed.

Not only will it look the part, but the 9” Kink T900 bars, Kink Stryker forks, Kink Bold HRD stem, sealed Mission Engage cassette hub, and Kink Ridge 3-piece tubular chromoly cranks help it to feel and perform the part. The addition of a Stealth seat and seat post are not to be overlooked either and add both adjustability and modern compatibility. Modern frame geometry brings a lower bottom bracket and raised standover height to the Gap, for a stable ride.

Price: $399 on Danscomp

While this isn’t the highest quality bike, the 2021 Gap has great bang for your buck. It comes with some aftermarket parts and a little bit of chromoly to keep you rolling. At a crazy good price.

Who is it for?

The Gap is a borderline mid-level quality bike. If it had double wall rims, and a full Chromoly frame, it would be a truly amazing bike. But with a trimoly frame and a really good price, it is perfect for beginner-level riders who want an affordable bike. It comes in an XL or a freecoaster version so you can really choose the perfect variation for you.

Read about the Specs, Quality, and more HERE

4. 2021 Kink Switch

Switch Highlights

Frame QualityFull Chromoly
ColorsMatte Gravity Purple
Toptube Size20.75″
Pegs?Yes, 2 Pegs
Weight27 lb 10 oz


An all-new model for 2021, the Kink Switch is truly a standout bike in our lineup. Designed as a brakeless bike, the Switch also includes removable brake mounts and a full brake set for those wanting to ride with brakes. The 2021 Switch doesn’t disappoint in its design or components either, and features 100% 4130 chromoly construction, and sealed bearings throughout the bike. The addition of two included plastic pegs means this bike is grind ready out of the box. The unique Matte Gravity Purple colorway is paired with all black parts, a raw stem, and Kink Chinaski aftermarket seat.

Complementing the Switch model are a ton of great components like the Kink Trident forks featuring a one-piece steerer tube, 9” Kink F900 4-piece bars, Kink Bold HRD stem and Kink Ridge 3-piece tubular chromoly cranks. Combining the removable brake design, two included plastic pegs and the street style Kink Sever 2.4” tires, really solidifies this bike as a true street machine.

Price: $499 on Danscomp

The Switch is about $100 cheaper than the 2021 Kink Cloud. But the quality is pretty close. I think that this is a really good price for this bike.

Who is it for?

The Switch is for street riders who need an affordable bike. It will hold up to mid/high-level riding. It also comes with two pegs and a freecoaster. If your old bike is breaking and you’re looking to upgrade the switch is perfect.

Read about the Specs, Quality, and more HERE

5. 2021 WeThePeople CRS

CRS Highlights

Frame QualityMostly hi-tensile
ColorsMatte Black
Galactic Purple
Matte Black
Translucent Berry Blast
Toptube Size20.25″
Weight26.76 lbs


One the most anticipated bikes in BMX, the CRS is back for 2021 with even more bang for your buck. Now featuring a sealed front hub, this all-terrain slayer rolls smoother than ever. Packed full of aftermarket parts from ECLAT including the Bios Pivotal seat and Pure seat clamp, the CRS looks and rides like a bike twice the price tag.

The geometry has been tailored to allow for greater progression for the younger generation. The super-short 12.75” chainstays, 165mm cranks and shorter 26mm fork gives the CRS a snappy and agile ride perfect for learning and advancing on. A bike truly built with vision, the CRS is unlike anything else.

Price: $419 on Danscomp

Now the 2021 wethepeople CRS is a pretty good bike for $419. It does include some aftermarket parts and a little bit of chromoly that might justify this price. However, in my opinion, it’s just a little bit overpriced. For this price, I think you should be able to find something with at least a trimoly frame and maybe one or two double wall rims. 

Who is it for?

The CRS is a beginner level BMX bike that has a freecoaster option. The fact that it has a handful of aftermarket parts makes it really stand out. Overall it is really well-rounded meaning that you can ride it on dirt, park, or street. If you are just starting to progress and need a bike with fully customizable parts, this is the bike for you.

Read about the Specs, Quality, and more HERE

6. 2021 Subrosa Malum

Malum Highlights

Frame QualityChromoly
ColorsMatte Raw
Army Green
Toptube Size21″
Weight26.3 lbs


The Malum is one of the best overall bikes in Subrosa’s complete bike range. Featuring a 100% chromoly frame, fork, and bars. They’ve updated the frame spec and added more aftermarket products from Shadow and Rant than ever before.

Price: $539 on Danscomp

The Malum is priced the same as the 2021 Devotion. The quality is also very similar. For only $540 you get a bike with full chromoly frame, bars, forks. Subrosa even added aftermarket Rant and Shadow parts!

Who is it for?

The Malum is a mid-level bike that will be great on park, dirt and street. It is for a rider who has a decent amount of tricks and like to ride on all 3 disciplines. It has the quality to hold up to some hefty tricks and everything on the bike is customizable.

Read about the Specs, Quality, and more HERE

7. 2021 Cult Devotion

Devotion Highlights

Frame QualityChromoly
ColorsPanza White
Toptube Size21″
Pegs?Yes, 2 Pegs
Weight26.8 lbs


As far as bikes go, CULT has one hell of a following, with equally RAD founders and team alike. A favorite amongst both beginners and Pros, these are awesome, solid bikes that are built to last, but not in the stores. The 2021 models have almost sold out of this early release before even getting unpacked!

The Devotion is the top of Cults range of Complete bikes, and is ready ride at any level;

Price: $539

The 2021 Devotion is about the same price as the 2020 model was. I think these bad boys sold out very fast this year. So if you find one around the $550 price, you are in luck. It’s worth the price. If it’s not on the link above, they are probably all sold out.

Who is it for?

The Devotion is a high-quality mid-level bike. It is best for taller street riders because of the 21″ toptube. It has a longer 13.65″ chainstay which makes it really stable and controlled. Good for manuals and high-speed tricks. It can hold up to some pretty hefty riding.

Read about the Specs, Quality, and more HERE

8. 2021 Fit PRK

PRK Highlights

Frame QualityTri-Moly
Black Teal Fade
ED Gold
Salamander Green
Toptube Size20.00″|20.5″
Weight27 lbs


Built with park riding in mind, from the components to the geometry. The PRK features a tough CrMo top tube and down tube which adds strength whilst keeping the weight low. The reliability is taken care of by tubular CrMo cranks and 8.7″ 2pc bars. The wheels have FIT S1W rims and a cassette rear hub and are finished with Fit 2.4″ OEM tyres. Topped off with Fit Savage flanged grips and gyro.

Price: $429.95 on Danscomp

The 2021 Fit PRK XS is a little over $400. It costs between $429-$459. The gold color is a little more expensive. This bike is similar to the 2021 Subrosa Salvador Park, but the Fit has cooler colors.

Who is it for?

I don’t normally recommend Fit’s 2021 line. But a good park-specific bike is hard to find. This bike comes in a small 20.00″ toptube which will be great for smaller riders who are transitioning from an 18″. It’s a little over priced for the quality that is included. However, the PRK has a compact frame that will make learning new park tricks fun and easy.

Read about the Specs, Quality, and more HERE

9. 2021 Subrosa Salvador

Salvador Highlights

Frame QualityTri-Moly
Matte Translucent Black
Sage Green
Matte Raw
Toptube Size20.5″|21″
Weight27.6 lbs


The Salvador line has all types of options to fit exactly what your riding needs are. Choose from the standard Salvador, Salvador XL, or the Salvador FC and enjoy every session without worrying if your bike will hold up. Each Salvador is built to battle with updated pro-level geometry, and even more aftermarket parts from The Shadow Conspiracy and Rant.

Price: $449.95 on Danscomp

Just under $500, the Salvador has lots of options and colors to choose from, but for a bike that doesn’t have full chromoly it’s a little expensive.

Who is it for?

The 2021 Subrosa Salvador is for a rider who is starting to get used to bmx and needs a bike with lots of options to suit their changing riding style. This is still a “beginner” level bike, but it is almost mid-level quality. The best thing is that it has sooo many options.

Read about the Specs, Quality, and more HERE

10. 2021 Kink Whip

Whip Highlights

Frame QualityChromoly
ColorsMatte Granite Charcoal
Gloss Black Fade
Toptube Size20.5″|21″
Weight27 lb 12 oz


The Whip is where our line really gets exciting. This beast is constructed using full 100% 4130 chromoly throughout the entire frame, fork and handlebar set. Complimenting this strong, durable structure are sealed bearings everywhere; headset, bottom bracket, and both front and rear hubs. The front rim has also been upgraded to the Mission Mylar, giving this bike double-wall rims both front and rear. Topping off all the great functionality, the Whip comes in a Matte Granite Charcoal colorway.

Featuring Kink Stryker forks, 9” Kink T900 bars and Kink Ridge 3-piece tubular chromoly cranks, the Whip is fitted with great components featuring modern geometry. Adding to all these specs are the comfortable Kink Ace flangeless grips, Kink Hemlock pedals, and Mission Nexus sprocket. Retailing for a price everyone can agree with, the Whip cannot be beaten.

Price: $459

So I’m trying to figure out why this bike is only $439. It has all of the quality parts, but costs so little. It really makes it a good bike for a crazy good price. The price tag suggests “mid-level” bike. However, I’d say with the quality it can even be considered to be a high-level bike.

Who is it for?

The Whip is the best mid-level bike you can get for the price. Some of these other bikes are over $500 and they don’t even have full chromoly. Overall the whip is a well-rounded bike that can be ridden on park, dirt, and street. It will hold up to bigger tricks and the XL version gives an option for taller riders.

Read about the Specs, Quality, and more HERE

11. 2021 Stolen Heist

Heist Highlights

Frame QualityTri-Moly
Toptube Size21″
Weight25 lbs


The 2021 Stolen Heist offers pro-level features and performance at a moderate price. The frame is constructed from 4130 Chromoly making this bike strong and light. The Heist comes equipped with lots of aftermarket parts and its semi-aggressive geometry favors more experienced riders. Fully-sealed bearings on everything except the pedals ensure that this bike rolls smoothly. The Fiction Atlas Tires provide the grip that will give you the confidence to attempt that next-level trick. The 2 Shades Of Grey color scheme is like a cloudy day in Seattle but without the rain and cold. With a top tube length of 21.00″, this bike will fit most riders from 5’10” to 6’3″.

Price: $449.99 $435 on Danscomp Clearance

For $459 you get a pretty solid bike. This bike has mostly chromoly and double wall rims which make it better quality than a lot of the beginner level bikes out there. I think this price is OK. It’s not necessarily overpriced but it isn’t a super good deal either. I think you could find something like the 2021 Kink whip for around the same price and it has better quality. 

Who is it for?

The Stolen Heist is perfect for a taller rider who needs a borderline mid-level bike. This bike has most of the mid-level quality build into it for an affordable price. Another cool thing about the Heist is that you can ride park, street, or dirt with it.

Read about the Specs, Quality, and more HERE

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