Become a BMX God – Complete Guide for BMX Riders

What is BMX? BMX stands for Bicycle Moto Cross and is a sport where kids and adults come together on a 20″ BMX bike. Together they, ride bikes, learn tricks, and build bonds. BMX is famous for connecting people and allowing humans to progress their minds and body.

What to know when buying your first BMX bike

Nothing is more embarrassing than getting into a new sport and not knowing what is going on. I have seen a number of people show up to the skatepark on their brand new BMX bike. Little do they know that the bike is a terrible fit for them.  

This happened to me on multiple occasions. I would buy a BMX bike and find out much later that the bike I spent so much money on, was a bad fit for my size and style. This post will take you through literally every question that it took me 10 years to find the answers to.

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What to consider when buying a BMX bike

There are 3 things that need to be heavily considered when buying a new BMX bike. I remember buying my bike and I read all over before making my first purchase. It was a LOT of information. The three key aspects when buying a bike are: PRICE, SIZE, and QUALITY. After you understand what each thing means, you will not have a problem buying a bike. 


The price tag on a bmx bike is made up of a few things. Generally, the higher quality bikes will cost more. The more popular brands will usually cost more. Signature BMX bikes will also cost more to pay the rider their commission. 

So remember this when you are looking at bikes. When you see a bike that is expensive, make sure it is a really good brand with really good quality. If it is not… something is not right here. 

Some brands like SE BikesOpens in a new tab. piggy bank on their old school success and charge ridiculous prices for bikes. Be careful of this when shopping for bikes.

Price Points

Beginner BikesOpens in a new tab.$200-$400
Mid-Level BikesOpens in a new tab.$401-$572
High-Level BikesOpens in a new tab.$573-$700
Pro Level BikesOpens in a new tab.$700+

How much do BMX bikes cost?

BMX bikes can cost anywhere from $250 to $1500. With the best selling and most popular BMX bikes costing right at $399. The price of your bmx bike really depends on the style and quality of your bike. Don’t worry about the color as that can be changed later.

How much do beginner bmx bikes cost?

Beginner BMX bikes cost anywhere in the $200 – $400 price range. Most of these bikes have a small 20.00″ or 20.25″ toptube, and are made from low-quality hi-tensile steel.

How much do mid-level bmx bikes cost?

Mid-level BMX bikes cost anywhere from $401 to $572. These bikes have higher quality chromoly and are usually in a 20.5″ to a 21″. Mid-level BMX bikes are the best choice if you plan to keep progressing with the sport.

How much do high-level bmx bikes cost?

A high-level BMX bike will cost $573 to $700. They will stay in the 20.5″ to 21″ toptube range but will include a wide variety of aftermarket parts. Ensuring that the bike is durable for a rider who keep on progressing.

How much do pro-level bmx bikes cost?

Pro-level bmx bikes cost over $700. The reason these bikes are so expensive is that they have top level quality, with a ton of aftermarket parts. They are most popular in the 21″ toptube size.

About the size of your BMX bike

Having the perfect sized bmx bike will make it easier to progress at a good speed. One of my first bikes was a 19.5″. I was close to 6′ at this time. Let me tell you, trying to ride this bike was awful for me. I still tried. Once I got a bigger bike it felt like my whole life changed. 

If you get started with the right sized bike, BMX will be a lot more fun for you.

I wrote a size guide hereOpens in a new tab.. This guide will make it really easy to get the correct sized top-tube based on your height. 

What size BMX is right for you?

Wheel SizeToptube LengthRider Height
12″ Wheel Size11.5″ – 13″ Toptube2ft to 3ft Tall
14″ Wheel Size12.8″ – 15″ Toptube2′ 8″ to 3′ 4″ Tall
16″ Wheel Size14.5″ – 17″ Toptube3′ to 3′ 8″ Tall
18″ Wheel Size17″ – 18.5″ Toptube3′ 6″ to 4′ 6″ Tall
20″ Wheel Size18″ – 20.25″ Toptube4′ to 5′ 4″ Tall
20″ Wheel Size20″ – 20.5 Toptube5′ to 5′ 8″ Tall
20″ Wheel Size20.25″ – 21″ Toptube5′ 6″ to 6′ Tall
20″ Wheel Size20.75″ – 21.5″ ToptubeOver 6′ Tall
22″ Wheel Size21.25″ – 22.25″ ToptubeOver 6′ Tall

Things to keep in mind

The recommended size of your BMX bike is just that. A recommendation. So don’t beat your head on this too much. Experienced riders shop for sizes that are benificial for them and their style. Not just the “right” size.

For a brand new rider, I recommend following the size guide exactly. For a more experienced rider, play around with how the different sizes will affect your riding.

  • Getting a smaller toptube will make the bike feel easier to maneuver. It will be very responsive and snappy.
  • Getting a perfect sized toptube will give you a bike that balances stability with responsiveness. This is the best option if you haven’t developed a dedicated style yet. 
  • Getting a taller toptube will give you a bike that feels really good when going high and fast. A bigger size is best for flowy park riders and dirt riders. 

Weight Recommendation

A rider’s weight isn’t something that is usually talked about. However, it does matter and should be addressed. For the most part, go off the height recommendations. 

If the rider is heavier than average I would recommend going up a size and taking a bigger step in quality. I have always weighed close to 200 lbs and I break a lot of parts. So stepping up quality was crucial to me.

A lighter bmx rider should get a BMX bike that is smaller than the size recommended. Getting a smaller bike will make it easier for the lightweight rider to maneuver the bike.


Getting a good quality BMX bike is perfect for someone who wants to stay committed to riding. If you plan to get a bike just to test out the sport, you won’t really need a top of the line bike. I recommend that brand new riders get a beginner quality bike and then upgrade down the line if they are still in love with BMX.

It is very important to understand where you are as a BMX rider. This way you can make a smarter buying decision, and get the perfect bike for you.

There are 4 different types of quality when you are shopping for bikes. This correlates with the price point that I mentioned earlier.

Beginner BikesOpens in a new tab.Low Quality✅ Hi-tensile steel parts
✅ Single wall rims
✅ Unsealed bearings
Mid-Level BikesOpens in a new tab.Medium Quality✅ Trimoly frame
✅ Single wall or double wall rims
✅ Semi-sealed bearings
High-Level BikesOpens in a new tab.High Quality✅ Full chromoly parts
✅ Double Wall Rims
✅ Sealed bearings
Pro Level BikesOpens in a new tab.Pro Quality✅ Full chromoly
✅ Double wall rims
✅ Sealed bearings
✅ After market parts

What quality BMX bike is right for you

Low QualityA rider who is just getting in to the sport. This person should be getting a bmx bike to test it and see if it is a good sport for them. 
Medium QualityThis is for a rider who has been riding for a little while and has learned a few tricks. This person is looking for a better bike to hold up to their tricks.
High QualityA rider looking for a high quality bike should be pretty experienced. This person needs a bike that can hold up to a wide range of tricks.
Pro QualityPro quality is for someone who wants a completely custom bike with really good quality parts. A pro level bike will last for many tears.

Trusted BMX Shops to buy Beginner Bikes

In the USA

AmazonOpens in a new tab.

Amazon has a lot of other BMX bikes and they are priced pretty well. I have seen Cult and Colony completes. The cool thing about amazon is they have Prime, and bike assembly. But do not buy a junky bike from amazon.

Check here to see which bike don’t suck.

Chain Reaction CyclesOpens in a new tab.

I have a few friends that got their first bike from Chain Reaction. Chain Reaction promises to always have the best price, and ship orders the same day. However, don’t buy KINK from them because the kink bikes are way overpriced.

Albes BMXOpens in a new tab.

Albes is a Michigan based “mail order” site that has stood the test of time. I have never actually bought from Albes but some of my closest friends trust them a lot!

Source BMX

Source is a huge bmx shop in the U.K. They have started to ship to the USA by using a warehouse in the north east. This makes shipping a lot faster for the American residents. Bad news, I don’t think they have figured out how to work with the warehouse correctly. 2 of my friends have gotten the wrong items from Source and they did not take care of the problem very well. 

For this reason, I don’t recommend Source until they get their stuff together. Hopefully, they get it together in the next year.

Don’t forget to make it easier and let me do a free BMX bike recommendation for you. 👇

Common BMX Repairs that you can do at home

Knowing how to perform these simple repairs by yourself can save you a lot of money and keep you riding more often. No one wants to get a flat during a session, and have to go all the way to the bike shop and then pay them $15 to fix it.

This section is going to tell you how to repair a flat tire, how to keep your bars from slipping, and then some tips for keeping your chain tight and untangles.

How to change a flat BMX tire

Flat tires are the number one repair on a bmx bike. Sometimes we hit thorns, glass, or maybe we even get a pinch flat from hopping up stairs. 

A few months ago in England, I was riding 4-5 miles a day round trip to get to the skateparks. After a month of this, my tires had been pretty worn down. And once they were worn down I got a flat a few times a week, man that was expensive. Point of the story, it is going to happen to you so lets get you prepared to change your own tire. 

Tools Needed

  • 17mm Socket
    This is the most common size for the nut on a rear wheel.
  • 6″ Extension
    You only need this if you have pegs. 
  • Ratchet
    Ratchets connect to the extension and socket so you can loosen the nut.
  • Tire Levers
    Most tires can come off by hand, but some people use tire levers all the time. 
  • Pump
    An important step is airing up the new tube a little before you put it in.

Save Time With a Multi-tool

Opens in a new tab.

Animal Kotulak Multi Tool BlackOpens in a new tab.

Buy NowOpens in a new tab.

The Animal Kotulak has almost every tool needed to work on your bike. There are a few other multi took options, but I really recommend this one for the outstanding quality.

How-to Change a flat from Scott Hamlin

Scott was one of the first guys that I met in the U.K. He had set up a mechanic stand at the first contest and was fixing bikes for free. I thought that was really cool and we talked for a little bit. He is one of the most genuine guys. Watch this walkthrough so you can fix a flat on your own. 

How to change a flat bmx tire (written out steps)

Removing the Old Tube
  1. Flip the bike over
  2. Slightly loosen each wheel bolt with the tool
  3. Completely loosen with your finders
  4. Disconnect brake caliper (if applicable)
  5. Remove the chain carefully
    Move the chain out of the way
  6. Remove the wheel
  7. Let the air out of the valve
  8. Use the tire levers to take off one side of the tire
  9. Remove the innertube
  10. Remove the other side of the tire
  11. Check the rim strip for any damage of bad spots
  12. Check the tire for sharp edges
  13. Familiarize yourself with the min and max tire pressure

Installing New Tube
  1. Put one side of the tire back on the rim
  2. Pump a little bit of air in the new tube
    this prevents pinch flats and makes installing it easier
  3. Put the new tube inside the half of the tire that is not on the rim yet
  4. Line up valve stem and hole, then place valve stem through the hole
  5. Seat the other half of the tire in the rim.
  6. (Be careful not to pinch the new tube)
  7. Pump up the tire to 10 or 15 psi
  8. Check around the rim to make sure the tire is seated properly without any bulges
  9. Pump up the tire to your preferred pressure
  10. Slide your wheel into the frame
    Make sure the chain is around the cassette when you do this.
  11. Put the chain back on the front sprocket
    the chain should be fully installed at this point
  12. (Rejoin the brake caliper)
  13. Use a wheel wedge, rubber handle tool, or pull on the wheel to tighten your chain
  14. (Keep the wheel centered in the frame)
  15. While putting tension on the chain, hand tighten the wheel nuts
    Start with the nut on the driver side
  16. Double check the chain tension
    You want 1/2″ of tension on the chain
  17. Tighten the wheel all the way and double check wheel alignment and chain tension

If you have troubles with any BMX repairs you can sign up to get a secret number and text me with any question, any time. Find out howOpens in a new tab.

How to keep your bars from slipping

I was so frustrated on my Walmart bike. I would do a sweet jump down a 3 star, and boom. When I landed, my bars had gone so far forward. I looked like I was riding a goofy motorcycle. No matter how much I tightened the bolts, nothing changed. Here are some tips and tricks that I learned to keep this from happening.

How to tighten your BMX bars correctly

When you get a complete bike, the stem bolts are usually loose. You will need to tighten them completely and correctly to ensure 0 bar slippage. 

1. Use the right tool.

For almost all stem bolts, this is a 6mm. Do not use anything other than a 6mm. If you use the wrong size it will strip out the bolts and then you will be out of luck. 😰

2. Tighten the bolts in an x pattern.

how to tighten bmx bars

Start with a bolt and tighten it down until it starts to feel tight. Then move to the next one shown in the picture. Keep moving around and tightening until all of the bolts are super tight.

3. Make sure top and bottom have equal gap

how to tighten bmx bars

If you tighten one bolt more and create an un-equal gap the bars will slip and it will ultimately ruin the gnarling of the bars.

4. Clean off the inside of the stem and the clamp

Cleaning off this area is crucial to preventing bar slippage. Dust and paint tend to build up in here and this will reduce the clamp power. Always keep this area clean when you take off your bars or move them around. 

Working with a bmx chain

Chains drive me crazy. Sometimes they tie themselves in a knot like a pair of headphones. Sometimes the get loose and smack your frame when you jump. And lastly, they sometimes fall off while you are pedaling. Who wants any of that to happen?

Lets go over a few common chain tips so you can avoid the hair-pulling stress of working with a your chain.

Fixing slack in a chain

Chain Tensioners

Using chain tensioners are one of the best ways to make sure that your chain has the perfect amount of tension. Heres how they work…

After market chain tensioners go on your axles. The tensioners had bolts that allow you to tighten them. When tightened they will pull your wheel back, and tighten your chain. Opens in a new tab.

SE BIKES SE Chain Tensioner – Silver – 4340

See Amazon PriceOpens in a new tab.

Use a wedge

Want to know a secret? We use a door wedge to tighten our chain while putting on a wheel. They work so well. Just jam it behind the tire and the frame and keep your wheel centered. Now you can tighten the wheel without worrying about it moving around.

Opens in a new tab.

Shepherd Hardware 9333 Designer Door Wedge, Woodgrain, Non-Skid Rubber Base GripOpens in a new tab.

How to Untangle a BMX chain

This happens so often when you have your back wheel off. I remember the first time that I noticed this on my bike. I almost pulled out all of my hair. Luckily, I found a really good youtube video explaining this process. 

Skatepark Etiquette 

Have you ever shown up to the skatepark and felt really uncomfortable? Not sure where to stand? Maybe the lines are hard to find. Sometimes its even really busy and you can’t get a run in. I fully understand how much this sucks. Fortunately, I have been to a ton of different skateparks and have experienced a lot of uncomfortable situations. Lets talk about some ways you can fit in at the skatepark and avoid a mess.

Here are the key points of Skatepark Etiquette that you need to know before you spend a lot of time at the park.

  • Where to “chill”
  • Don’t be a snake
  • Finding Lines

Where do I stand at the skatepark?

Chilling in the middle of someone’s line is the fastest way to get beat up. I do not recommend it. Instead, let’s find somewhere that is out of everyone’s way. 

The best thing to do is to get somewhere that you can see the whole park and that is out of the way. You want to be able to observe everyone’s lines and know where to go and where not to go. 

Look at the red X’s. If you notice, they are right next to or in-between obstacles. It might seem like a good place to chill if you are trying to sesh a certain obstacle, but chances are you will be in the way. Try your best to avoid sitting anywhere that is next to or in front of an obstacle like a quarter, a rail, or a ledge. 

Now notice where the green circles are. All green circles are out of the way, and near the edge of the park. Standing in the green circles will allow you to watch other people’s lines and see where they are going. 

Don’t Be a Snake

A snake is someone who rides in-front of someone else, or jumps in mid-line.

Let’s look at this picture, you are chilling at the green circle. You want to try a new line but you notice that there are two other people doing the red line. By sitting at the green circle and watching these people try their red line over and over, it is safe to assume that they will keep trying that line. 

So before you drop in, just keep in mind and try to stay out of the way. It is fine to go where they are going just take turns. Don’t be rude or purposely get in the way. Finding the right opening is hard sometimes, but it will get easier. 

Finding Lines

Everything you learn at the skatepark is from visual learning. Finding a line is no different. Ideally, you have a small bag of tricks and want to be able to drop in the skatepark and do your favorite tricks, linked together.

Take a few minutes and just watch some of the other riders to see what they hit and what looks fun. Look for obstacles or gaps that you have fun riding. After you figure out what you want to ride hop in there and feel it out! 

Here are some things to be careful of

  • Make sure your line doesn’t run anyone over
  • Make sure you can do the line comfortably without dying

Here is what I do

Normally I walk up to a new park and just walk around on foot. I like to see where the spines are (if any). I like to see where the bumps are and what the transition looks like. Noticing all of these tiny details will help you out a lot because you can’t see them while on the bike. 

One time I was riding a bowl and after getting tired I jumped out of the fly-out to quit my run. Sadly, the fly-out was a spine and I crashed. Right after this was when I started walking the park and taking a look at everything.

After my walk, I hangout and watch the locals. Locals have a unique way of murdering a park. I love to learn from a local and see the lines they have come up with.

Next, I grab my bike and cruise through the park to get a feel for everything. During this time, I throw out a few of the easy tricks for me. This will loosen up my body a little bit. 

Finally, I can try and hit some new lines. It is such a good feeling to hit a crazy gap, or a new line. This just gradually pushes you out of your comfort zone. Ultimately making you a better rider. 

Staying out of the way and following these steps that I do, will really help you out when you get to the park for the first time.

Simple Beginner Bmx Tricks to learn on flat ground

I will keep this part fairly short and simple. These were my favorite tricks to learn as I was progressing form a beginner to a mid-level rider. I try to make those simple in list form.

However, if you want to see some really in-depth videos from me about how to do over 60+ tricks, go here and fill out the formOpens in a new tab. so I can e-mail you after I edit them all.

We will go over:

  • Bunny hop
  • Footjam
  • Footjam whip
  • 180
  • X-up Ride
  • Wheelbarrow

How-to Bunnyhop


Everything starts with a bunnyhop. They are such an important trick. You need bunnyhops to get up curbs and stairs. You also need to bunnyhop to do most tricks. I have a really good how-to video and I’ll attach it below.

Bunnyhop steps

  1. Throw your chest back and let the momentum lift up the bars
  2. Compress your knees and move your hips back
  3. Expand your knees and push forward
  4. Suck your knees back up
  5. Land


Can’t pull the front off the ground? Make sure your bmx bike is the proper size for you. If it is too big, you will struggle to control it. 
Can’t get very high?Just need to practice. Find new things that are taller and taller and try hopping them. 
Can’t get the back wheel off the ground?Make sure that you are pushing forward and sucking up your knees.

How-to Footjam


I loooovvveee footjams. They are so fun to me. You are able to footjam flat on the ground or on a bank. When you get good at them, you can even get them on quarters. They will open a whole world of possibilities like footjam whips, bar to footjam, and 360 footjam.

Footjam Steps

  1. Go slow
  2. Use your front foot and jam it into the fork 
  3. Lean forward while jamming
    this will bring the back wheel more off the ground
  4. Keep practicing until you find the balance point
  5. Learn to hop around to keep your back wheel from going back on the ground

How-to footjam whip


This is a fun one to try after you master the footjam. Again, this is a trick that can be done on flat or on a quarter. I like doing this one when I’m just messing around.

Footjam whip Steps

  1. Get comfortable kicking it from the ground
  2. Cross your front foot over the frame and put it in the tire while kicking the frame with your back foot
  3. Keep your balance while the bike spins around
  4. Compress your knees
  5. When the bike is close to coming fully around hop and catch the pedals

Footjam Whip Tips

Can’t get the bike to go aroundMake sure that you are leaning forward when you kick the back end and jam your foot in.
Back tire keeps hitting the groundYou are leaning too much forward and this causes the bike to smack into the ground. Practice balancing!
Can’t catch the bike?Make sure you are hopping out of the footjam. There should be a point where your bike is completely in the air and the bike is coming around like a real tailwhip. 

How-to 180 a bmx


180’s are the first spin trick you will learn. To complete a flat 180 you will need to fakie. A lot of pros use 180 combos by doing huge 180 drops, 180 bars, and 180 fakie manuals. 

180 Steps

  1. Use a wall to practice fakies
  2. wedge front tire into the wall
  3. Pull back to start your backwards momentum
  4. Turn your bars so you roll in the direction that you want to fakie
  5. Do a small hop to finish the fakie
  6. Carve a little bit in the spin direction
  7. Pull back on your bars and start a bunnyhop
  8. While in the bunnyhop turn your head and use your back foot to push the bike around
  9. Sucking up your knees will help get this around
  10. Once you land do the fakie like you practiced

180 Tips

Can’t get the full rotationTry and hop higher and make sure that you are using your head to look in the direction that you are spinning
Can’t get the fakieThe fakie will be the hardest part. Practice will make it perfect.

How to x-up ride bmx


X-up rides are growing in popularity and have become a kinda unique trick that links other tricks. I can’t do them because it feels like my shoulders are going to snap off. But some people have a lon of fun with them.

X-up ride Steps

  1. Go at a slow comfortable speed
  2. Pull up the front end so your wheel comes of the ground
  3. Make a full x-up and put your front wheel down while in the x-up
  4. Loosen your grip so you have more control
  5. Use your arms to steer
  6. Lean back and uncross your arms to “land it” 

X-up ride tips

Can’t get the x-up all the wayTry to loosen your grip and it will give you more control
Can’t steer itMake sure you are turning the x-up to your front foot
I can’t get out of the x-rideYou will need to be leaning back so that there is less pressure on the front wheel. This will allow the wheel to come back

Tips to get sponsored for BMX Riding

Most people have a dream of getting sponsored. The BMX lifestyle is so fun and so rewarding, everyone wants to be able to do it as a career. However, there are so many different factors that will decide whether you are sponsor-able material or not.

This is a really hard topic to cover. You need 4 characteristics to get sponsored. These are:

  • Network
  • Skills
  • Attitude
  • Brand

Sometimes you can have one or two of these characteristics but they need to be very extreme. For example, you can have a huge personal brand, low skills, bad attitude, and small network and still get sponsored. Or you can have a small personal brand, medium skills, a good attitude and a medium network to get sponsored.

I know this is kinda confusing, but just devote your time to growing all 4 of these things if sponsorship is your goal.


Having a good network is huge for anything. It can help you get a good job, get a place to stay or get a deal on something. The quote for this is “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” And this goes for sponsorship.

Knowing other sponsored riders, or other business owners will help you get to know people who can really help you out. It isn’t like knowing someone will get you sponsored. But knowing someone will give you a chance to meet important people and show them your character and skills.

BMX Networking tips

Social MediaInteraction is huge and easy. Try to build meaningful relationships by leaving meaningful comments and interactions. These could be compliments or tips, just don’t be annoying.
In PersonWhen traveling and riding at new parks you have a chance to meet with a lot of new people. Get to know them by asking tips or giving them props for a cool trick or line. The most popular thing from here is following this person on social media and keeping up with them.
YoutubeReach-out to people similar to you or complimentary to you. Ask if they want to collaborate. This will help you make new friends and expand your audience.

Making these connections and building a network will help you so much in the future. My biggest tip is to build a meaningful relationship. Don’t just use someone and say “hey can you help me get sponsored?” Build a real friendship and everything will come to you if it is meant to be.


Skills can be considered a lot of different things. Generally in BMX skills are viewed as tricks. But think about other skills like video editing, or teaching, or selling. If you are really good at teaching people, you are more likely to get picked up by a company that needs help teaching kids.

So find a skill that you enjoy. Grow this skill and focus on how you can be the best at it. If you end up chasing skills that you don’t enjoy you will not be very effective with them.

Skills to Consider

BMX RidingGrow your personal brand by killing it. People love watching good riders and they will follow and keep up with these riders.
Creative MediaGrowing social media by having the knowledge to create really good quality content that people want to view.
CommunicationKnowing how to effectively communicate with other riders, followers, and companies will help you grow a lot faster. Good communication is so important.
TeachingSome of the biggest bmx Youtubers got big from making how-to videos. People love to learn and teaching is a really good skill to grow yourself.
PositivityIn my opinion, you need to have a good attitude to go anywhere. Building the positivity skill will help you connect with other people.

How to build creative media skills

To get better with creative media, you need to practice. You need to try and fail, and you need to learn. If this is a skill that you want to learn, get the equipment, and get going. Make how-to videos, make edits, and LEARN!


You need a good camera to build good edits, and take good pictures. When a brand sponsors you, they want you to be able to put out good content.

Why I recommend it

I personally use a Nikon and the reason I suggested this kit is because it has two lenses AND a software kit. Similar to adobe creative suite, just a lot cheaper. This creative package will let you edit photos and videos like a pro.

How-to Book

You can learn with trial and error, but it will be a lot faster if you just get a book. I use for dummies books a lot and they are so in depth.

Good Computer

You need a good computer to make the videos and photos. Something that can run the software with ease is a must. I had an old Dell and trying to edit on it was aweful. It liked to freeze and I’d loose all of my hard work.

When I upgraded to a macbook pro, my life had changed. It is so fast it blows my mind.

If you are a Windows guy, I hear this Asus is pretty solid.

Building a solid attitude

Here’s the thing, when someone sponsors you, you become a representative of that brand. My best advice is to be yourself. Brands that have core values similar to yours will find you and things will work out. Look at the onsomeshit riders. Their lifestyle is exactly like OSS.

This really goes hand in hand with networking, because having the right attitude will help you grow your network. I recommend having a good attitude but I guess everyone is different.

Do some digging

Find a company that you want to work with, and look at what they are about. Who do they sponsor? What do they do? What do they sell?

Next you need to figure out if you line up with any of those things. Let’s imagine it is a travel brand. This brand sponsors people who travel and do travel hack videos. They sell clothing, hammocks and backpacks.

First you need to ask yourself if you even know how to use a hammock. If not ask yourself if it is something that you are interested in. If it interests you and you also travel, this could be the start of a good relationship.

You need to research these things and make sure your attitude lines up.

Attitude Tips

PositivityPositive people have a better chance of getting things done. Wouldn’t you rather talk to someone who is positive instead of someone who always sees the bad?
PassionateThink about it from a brand owners perspective. The owner is certainly passionate about their brand. You should be too.
DedicatedNo one want’s to sponsor someone who is not dedicated to the sport. Look at Adam LZ, he got sponsored by Stranger and then went to drifting. The Owner of stranger has said that he learned it was a big mistake.

Personal Brand

The best form of marketing is called collaboration. If you notice all of the huge people in the bmx world, you will see that they have built a brand around bmx. After they established a personal brand companies want to work with that brand. Let’s look at Billy Perry.

Billy Perry Case Study (as of dec 2019)

Social MediaFollowers

So this one person has over a million total followers. Of course, almost any brand would want to collaborate with him. Now we get into becoming an Influencer.

Now these are just estimates for YOUTUBE only. The suggestions are only from ad revenue, which is only one income stream for successful influencers. It would be fair to assume that Billy Perry’s sponsors also pay him a small monthly salary and per post that he tags the brand in. Up to $4,800 a month just from YouTube sounds pretty nice to me.

How can you do it?

I hope this shows you the importance of building a personal brand. Having a following makes you much more valuable to any company. On top of the sponsorship money, your brand will be able to sell t-shirts and stickers and anything else.

Put in work using one of the skills mentioned above, and make sure it is one that you enjoy. Focus on building yourself and the sponsors will come.

Growing your BMX Brand Tips

YoutubeGood Camera, Lighting, Mic, Editing softwareLong form content. Be entertaining, think of competing with shows on Netflix.
InstagramPhone with a good cameraShort videos. Look cool (banging tricks, traveling)
IGTVPhone with a good cameraMedium form content. 2-3 minute edits, rants, discussions.
TiktokPhone with a good camera, LightingShort form (15-60 seconds) Aesthetics are huge. Visually stunning content. Valuable content.

Getting Sponsored Research Document

I have created a free pdf for you that will allow you to go through the process of finding a brand to work with and getting sponsored. This document has an email template that you can use to send emails or dm’s to your targeted brand.

Go out and do it

Getting sponsored takes years of hard work and dedication. You need to work on so many different aspects of yourself in order to score a good sponsor. The good news is, if you start now you will get it a lot sooner than if you started tomorrow. Grab some camera gear and start documenting your climb to the top. People love to watch.

Now you’re ready

Wow, that was a lot. This took me a long time to make, and I really just wanted to everything that I could to make this incredibly helpful. As you know, my goal with is to grow bmx by making it fun and easy to understand.

I really enjoy watching everyone progress and get better in BMX. If you need any help from me email me at i’ll reply and do my best to help!

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Douglas Laird

My parents bought me my first BMX bike in 2011 and it changed my life. This bike has taken me all over the world and introduced me to cool places and cooler people. My goal is to help get 1,000,000 people into BMX so they can experience the joy and freedom that comes from a progression based sport.

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