Haro Leucadia VS. DK Cygnus | BMX Bike Comparision

You’re shopping for a BMX bike, and wondering if the DK Cygnus or the Haro Leucadia is a better choice. Let’s compare these two bikes side by side to see which one is actually better. We will be looking at a top of different aspects, but it will really come down to the value. Which bike is the best bang for your buck?

Is the DK Cygnus better than the Haro Leucadia?

The DK Cygnus is much better than the Haro Leucadia because of the quality and price. For the same price, you can get the DK Cygnus which has a quality score of 3.4 vs. Haro’s .8 score.

Color, Weight and More

Haro LeucadiaFactorDK Cygnus
$379 – $399Price$399 – $499
26 LBS 🏆Weight26.4 LBS
1Size Options1
3Color Options3
YesCore BMX BrandYes
NoneUtility FactorNone

One of the biggest differences is the weight. The Haro weighs .4lbs less than the DK. And this really is not a “big” difference”. Aside from that, both of these bikes have the same number of size and color options, they are both core BMX brands, and neither of them are built for a specific type of riding.

When you look at the bikes, the DK just looks much nicer. It has a cleaner build and looks more professional than the Haro.

Quality Comparision

Haro LeucadiaFactorDK Cygnus
Hi-TensileFrame Quality🏆Trimoly
Hi-TensileFork Quality🏆 Some Chromoly
Hi-TensileBar Quality🏆Chromoly
Single WallRim QualitySingle Wall
0# Aftermarket Parts0
0.8Quality Score🏆 3.4
2.11Value Factor🏆 8.52

When we pull back the curtain and look at quality, this is where things get interesting. The DK is a much better bike. It’s frame, forks, and bars will outperform the Haro’s when compared side by side. Having strong chromoly parts found on the Cygnus is crucial if you weigh over 170 lbs. The Hi-tensile steel found on the Haro will not last when ridden by heavier, higher-skilled riders.

Neither of these bikes come with aftermarket parts and this does make them a little weaker since it will be safe to assume that the parts will break over time and need to be replaced.

The DK scored a MUCH higher quality score, obviously because of the higher quality components. And its value factor was incredibly high. Much higher than the similar priced Haro.

Comparision Video

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