The Hoffman Psycho is a bike from the brand that Mat Hoffman owns. They have a popular name since the legend owns it. Sunday Scout is also made from a well-trusted brand. But I’m here to tell you that neither of these bikes are particularly good. I’ll compare them side by side and we will see which one is better.

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About Each Bike

First, let’s take a look at what the manufacturer has to say about each bike. Each brand has a unique way to talk about their bike and I always have fun reading them and calling them out on their BS when need be.

About the Hoffman Psycho bike

The Hoffman Bikes Psycho 20″ BMX Bike utilizes a tri-moly frame construction to provide great strength while a dialed parts package creates the ultimate set up for those looking to step up their level of riding. Chromoly bars, cranks, and fork ensure copious amounts of strength for skatepark and trail riding and the gyro brake system allows technical tricks to be pulled with ease.

About the Sunday Scout BMX Bike

The 2022 Sunday Scout BMX Bike is ready to shred your favorite riding spots and look great doing it. Designed to be a bike for experienced riders with a budget, Sunday made sure to kit this model out to be able to show off to your buddies and withstand hard hits and abusive new tricks. Sealed bearings in high stress areas and chromoly cranks contribute to the strength and durability needed for a rider learning new tricks, and the extensive lineup of Odyssey and Sunday parts add to the overall pro-level feel of the bike. The Sunday Scout brings the heat with amazing parts for an amazing price.

Price, Size, and Functionality

Hoffman PsychoJudging FactorSunday Scout
$599Price$519 – $539
??Weight 🏆 26.82 LBS
1Size Options🏆 2
2Color Options🏆 4
YesCore BMX BrandYes
NoneUtility FactorNone


The Hoffman Psycho is much over $50 more than the Sunday Scout. Depending on the model of Sunday Scout that you get, it will cost anywhere between $519 and $539, while the Psycho costs $599.


We don’t know what the weight of the Psycho is so the Sunday Scout will earn a point here. Having a lighter bike will allow you to maneuver the bike and do certain tricks easier. The weight of your bike should be considered.

Size Options

The Sunday Scout is available in two larger sizes so it is a good fit for a wider variety of riders. The Hoffman Psycho only has one size option which limits it. Since the Scout has two options, it will earn a point here.

Color Options

The Sunday Scout really excelled in this section. It has 4x different color options. One thing I will say is that Sunday did really good at designing beautiful colorways. Since the Scout comes in more color options, it will earn a point here.

Core BMX Brands

I like to support bike companies that give back to the economy. Both of these bikes are “core” BMX brands and do a lot for the sport.

Utility of the bikes

Neither of these bikes scored a point for utility. They do not have any specific design to make them stand out from all of the other points. Examples of “utility” include bikes with pegs and hub guards, gryo brakes 28/9 gearing and so on.

Quality & Value

Hoffman PsychoJudging FactorSunday Scout
Trimoly 🏆Frame QualityTiny bit of Chromoly
Chromoly 🏆Fork QualitySome chromoly
Chromoly 🏆Bar QualityHi-Tensile
Single WallRim QualitySingle Wall
0# Aftermarket Parts🏆 1
3.25 🏆Quality Score2.5
5.42 🏆Value Factor4.82

Frame Quality

Sadly, the Sunday Scout only has a chromoly downtube which is essentially useless. The hoffan psycho has a trimoly frame meaning the toptube, downtube, and headtube are full chomoly while the back end is hi-tensile steel. This is embarrassing for a $600 bike but it’s still better than the Sunday Scout so the Hoffman Psycho will earn a point.

Fork Quality

The Hoffman Psycho comes with full chromoly froks which will withstand to a good level of riding. The Sunday Scout only has chromoly in the steeretube. This beefs up the forks a little but riders over 150lbs will still have issues. The Hoffman Psycho scores a point here for having better forks.

Bar Quality

The bars on the Sunday Scout are weak hi-tensile steel and they will ben relatively quickly. the Hoffman Psycho has full chromoly bars that will be good for most riders. The Psycho will earn a point here.

Rim Quality

Both bikes come with weak single wall rims. These rims will bend when you learn spin tricks. The pressure from certain trick is just too much for this quality of rim.

Aftermarket Parts

The Sunday Scout has one aftermarket part… which is surprising considering the cost. But this is still better than the 0 aftermarket parts found on the Hoffman Psycho. The Sunday Scout will earn a point here.

Sunday Scout: 1 aftermarket part

Hoffman Psycho: 0 aftermarket parts

Quality Score

Because of the better quality frame, forks, and bars, the Hoffman Psycho will score a 3.25 in the quality section. This is much higher than the Scouts 2.5 quality score. Because the Psycho is higher quality, it will earn a point here.

Value Score

Since the Psycho is only a little bit more expensive than the Scout and much better quality, it scores a higher value score. The Psycho scores a 5.42 in value and the Scout only scores a 4.82. The Psycho is clearly the better value here so it will score a point.

Both of these bike are low value scores when compared to other bikes and i’d only recommend buying them if its for some find of nostalgia reason.


The hoffman Psycho scored 5 points in total, and the Sunday Scout only scored 4. The Hoffman psycho is the clear winner here. Even though the Sunday scout has more color and size options, it just couldn’t beat the Psycho.

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The Hoffman Psycho is better than the Sunday Scout because:

  • It has a better quality frame
  • It has better quality forks
  • It has better quality bars
  • It’s better value

Douglas Laird

My parents bought me my first BMX bike in 2011 and it changed my life. This bike has taken me all over the world and introduced me to cool places and cooler people. My goal is to help get 1,000,000 people into BMX so they can experience the joy and freedom that comes from a progression based sport.

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