2022 Subrosa Novus Review (overpriced BMX bike)

The 2022 Subrosa Novus is a good bike based on quality. But the value of this bike is a little disappointing. The Novus is packed full of aftermarket parts including the Interlock chain, Treymone Stem, and Big Bitchin’ Cranks. However, for this price range i’d expect to see more main components that are aftermarket.

It’s not that this is a bad bike, it’s just over priced. I’ll explain why in this post.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Weigh?25.9 LBS
How Much Does it Cost?$1199
Can I upgrade it?Yes, you can easily replace and upgrade this bike
Does it have any pegs?No pegs or hub guards
Does it have Brakes?Rant spring brakes, removable brake mounts, gyro holes drilled
What options does it have?21″ Trans Black
Gearing InfoShadow Symbol – Cassette – RHD

Geometry and Sizing

Let’s talk about the sizing of this bike so you can decide if it will be the right size for your height. Check out the Dougsterbob Size guide to see what you need to be looking for when shopping for a new BMX bike.

The most common cause of failure in BMX is an improperly sized BMX bike.

Frame Size

Toptube Size 121″
Height RecommendationOver 6′
Big Bike BackgroundOver 5′ 9″

Frame Geometry

Head Tube Angle75º
Standover Height9”
Chain Stay Length13.2”
Bottom Bracket Height11.6”

This is a very standard geometry. It will have a nice balance of stability and responsiveness. Perfect for a new rider who does not know why type of geometry suits them best.

Other Geometry

Fork Offset27mm
Bar Rise9”
Bar WidthTBD
Crank Length170mm
Stem Specs51mm reach and 27mm rise
Gear Ratio25/9

The 27mm fork offset is right in between the two common extremes of 15mm and 32mm. This will balance stability and responsivness. The stem on the Novus is longer than average with a 51mm reach. This pulls the handlebars further away from the center of the stem to give a stable steering response.

Quality & Weight Limit

The quality determines how long your bike will last and how it will hold up to certain levels of riding. Get the highest quality bike that you can afford because this will increase its longevity. 

Quality Score7.6
Weight LimitNo weight limit

Main Component Quality

FrameFull Chromoly Frame – Butted TT and DT
ForksAM Subrosa Simo Forks – 1 pc inc steertube – heat treated
BarsFull Chromoly – 2 pc bars
CranksSubrosa Big Bitching – Full chromoly – 48 spline
RimsShadow Truss Rim – double wall – welded seem

The main components are high quality. On Subrosa’s Novus, you will find aftermarket Rims, Cranks, and Forks. This means that these parts will outlast all other parts. Aftermarket parts have a higher attention to detail and better quality.

I’m impressed with these aftermarket main components because they probably cost close to $400 if they were bought separately.

✅ Part Package Highlights

  • Subrosa Barcalona 25t Sprocket
  • Shadow CNC Treymone Stem
  • Fully Sealed
  • Pivotal Seat/post combo
  • Shadow Interlock V2 Half-link Chain

❌ Part Package Lowlights

  • No pegs or hubguards
  • Low PSI Shadow Strada Tires


Certain bikes are better for certain types of riding. Let’s talk about what type of riding this bike is best for. Remember, you can always make upgrades to make it better for your desired type of riding.

Type of RidingDirt

Good Upgrades

Upgrade 1Pegs and Hubguards
Upgrade 2Bars
Upgrade 3Tires


The Novus is NOT a bad bike… But the quality is pretty disappointing when you consider this insanely high price tag. If the bikes was around $900 that’d be a different story. But for $1200 I expect to see more after market parts.

The bike is designed for a taller rider who wants a really solid bmx bike. But I can find you a much better value bike if you request a recommendation.

Request a Recommendation from me to guarantee you get the perfect bike.

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Douglas Laird

My parents bought me my first BMX bike in 2011 and it changed my life. This bike has taken me all over the world and introduced me to cool places and cooler people. My goal is to help get 1,000,000 people into BMX so they can experience the joy and freedom that comes from a progression based sport.

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