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2023 Sunday Forecaster… SHOULD YOU BUY IT?!

by Douglas Laird
3 minutes read

The Sunday Forecaster 2023 bike lineup is very interesting to me as a novice BMX rider. It’s easy to understand why this series of bikes is so popular, with options like the Brock Raiford, Brett Silva, and Aaron Ross models. My goal in writing this review is to assist you determine whether or not the Sunday Forecaster is the best bike for you.

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Is It Fair to Pay for the Sunday Forecaster?

The first thing everybody wants to know when considering purchasing the Sunday Forecaster is if it is worthwhile. If you can locate it on sale or at a local bike shop for less than $400, it’s a good pick; nevertheless, I think it’s a touch pricey at full MSRP. To be fair, the cost is relative, and there are certain cyclists for whom the Sunday Forecaster is a great option.

The Sunday Forecaster for Beginner Riders

The Sunday Forecaster is an excellent option for novice cyclists weighing less than 150 pounds. High tensile steel bars, single wall rims, and an exceptional tensile steel fork all contribute to the bike’s high quality. The complete chromoly frame adds to the bike’s longevity and makes it a good choice for learners.

To be blunt, this is not “high quality” by any means… but for a lightweight, new rider, they will be just fine with this level of quality.

If you weigh more than 150 pounds, you should not ride the Sunday Forecaster.

The Sunday Forecaster is not a good choice if your weight is over 150 pounds. A lot of high tensile steel means it could shatter easily under the weight of a bigger rider. My preference goes to the Sunday EX, which is constructed entirely of full chromoly bars and forks.

Attention to Detail on the Sunday Forecaster

I enjoy the Sunday Forecaster in part because of the care shown in reporting. The bike is equipped with aftermarket components, such as a good stem (Freeze Top Load) and pedals (Odyssey Twisted PC). Aside from the Sabertooth sprocket, which is a flimsy piece of steel, the bicycle’s tires and four-piece handlebars are solid.


In conclusion, novice riders with a weight of less than 150 pounds will benefit from the Sunday Forecaster 2023 bike line. If you weigh more than 150 pounds, though, you should probably choose for the Sunday X rather than the Sunday Forecaster. The bike is built to last thanks to its high quality construction and aftermarket components. If you’re interested in BMX and want to learn more, you should check out the BMX Discord.

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