2020 Cult Devotion

black devotion

2020 Cult Devotion

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Full chromoly Frame

Chromoly is a stronger metal that will drastically improve the life of your bmx bike!

Only 25 lbs

A lighter bike makes it easier to throw it around and do harder tricks.

Double wall rims

Single wall rims bend over time. Riding double wall rims will give you the ability to ride like the pros.

Less than $600

The price is right with the Cult Devotion.

What do people think?

I’ve been eyeing this bike hard. Currently ride a 2019 FitBikeCo Park series. Still trying to learn/master all the basic tricks you mentioned this bike is good for and it’s sounding like this is what I should get. Prism color is a huge bonus to me. I’m like 5’9, 130lbs and ride mostly street & dirt because my city is trash for bmx and kicks bikes out of most parks lol. Any input anyone has would be appreciated
Curt GoBang
What a good review! You might have just sold me on the bike. Which one is better tho? This bike, wtp crysis or fly proton with a freecoaster? They all are around the same price in my local shop. I’m a tall rider like yourself, 6’4.
Damn love the color 😱
Matt Hubbard
Matt Hubbard

Frequently asked questions

How tall do you have to be for this bike?

This bike is great for riders between 5’6″ and 6′

How long will this bike last me?

Depending on how agressive you ride and how much you crash, i’d say it should last around 2 years.

Is this a good bike?

It is very good for a mid level rider!

How much does it weigh?

The 2020 cult devotion weighs just over 25 lbs

What Tricks is it good for learning?

  • Bars
  • small 360
  • Double peg/feeble/smiths
  • x-up rides
  • 180
  • Whips

You Know You Want to

The Best Mid-Level Bike of 2020

The 2020 Cult devotion has been picked as the best bike for mid level riders in 2020. It’s sold out in a lot of places, but not on chainreactioncycles.com

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