Mongoose Legion L500 Review

3.0 rating

Mongoose has a bad rep. Mostly because they sell really low-quality bikes at big-box retailers like Walmart. However, the Legion has full chromoly, double wall rims, and a freecoaster. The L500 only costs $509.


  • ✅ – Full Chromoly
  • ⛔️ – Under $500
  • ✅ – Double Wall Rims
  • ⛔️ – Pegs
  • ✅ – Fully Sealed Bearings
  • ✅ – 3 pc. Cranks
  • ✅ – Freecoaster – What is a freecoaster?
  • ✅ – Brakes
  • ✅ – Gyro tabs


  • The Legion L500 is a full park, street or dirt worthy freestyle BMX bike that offers everything a rider could need from Beginner level curb jumps all the way up To advanced Aerial tricks on a quarter pipe. The suggested rider height is 5’8″ And up.
  • This ultra-durable L500 features a Mongoose full 4130 chromo frame, removable brake mounts, and mid-BB shell. 21” top tube length.
  • The l500’s drivetrain features 175 mm two-piece tubular chromo hollow spindle cranks with a 25T aluminum chainring and mid sealed bearing bottom bracket.
  • The wheelset features 20” x 2. 4” tires mounted on wide aluminum double Wall 36H rims with 3/8” female axle Front hub and 9T Cog sealed bearing free coaster rear hub.
  • Aluminum u-brake and brake levers provide precise speed control, while the 4130 chromo handlebar and fork are joined by a 50 mm stem and threadless sealed integrated headset for maximum steering performance.

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Price: $509.99



FORK4130 chromoly
CRANK2-piece, tubular chromoly hollow spindle, 25T aluminum chainring
BOTTOM BRACKETMid sealed bearing, Mid sealed bearing, 48-spline spindle
REAR COGSingle-speed, 9T freecoaster
RIMSXposure Infinity-XD, aluminum double wall, 30 mm ID, 36H
FRONT HUBAluminum, sealed-bearing, 3/8 in bolt, 36H
REAR HUBAluminum, sealed bearing freecoaster rear hub, 14 mm axle, 36H
SPOKES14G, steel, black
TIRES20 in x 2.4 in, wire bead
PEDALSMongoose, nylon
BRAKESU-brake, aluminum
HANDLEBARMongoose, 4130 chromoly, 29 in width, 8.75 in rise
STEMMongoose, threadless top load, 50 mm
HEADSETThreadless, integrated 1-1/8″, cartridge bearing
SEAT POSTPivotal, steel, 250 mm, 25.4 mm
SADDLEMongoose Pivotal
GRIPSMongoose, 160 mm
SIZESOne size

Frame Geometry

A: Top Tube Length:  21″ – Learn what size is right for you here.

This is a tall toptube.

Perfect for riders that are between 5’4″ to 6’4″

Getting a top tube that is taller than suggested will make the bike feel more controlled and less responsive

Getting a top tube size that is smaller than normal will make the bike feel a lot more snappy and responsive.

B: Chain Stay Length: 13.7″ – Learn About Chain Stays Here

This is a long chain stay.

This will make the bike feel controlled.

A short chain stay makes the bike feel twitchy. Spins will be easy, but airing and jumping might feel hard to control.

A long chain stay will make the bike feel really controlled. Spins will feel sluggish, but manuals and air tricks will feel nice because it will be more stable and controlled.

C: Head Tube Angle: 75° – Learn About Head Tube Angles Here

Steep head tube angles make the bike “snappy” meaning more responsive to fast turns. 

A less steep head tube gives you more control.

D: Seat Tube Angle: 71°

E: Bottom Bracket Height: 11.5″

F: Stand over height: 8.75″

This is a medium standover. 

A medium standover balances responsiveness and stability.


At $509, the L500 is actually a really good price for what you get. I always say that $500 is a good price point for a mid-level bike because you get the best bang for your buck.


When looking at and considering just specs, the Legion L500 is actually a solid bike. It has everything that I look for when judging a bike quality. Double wall rims, full chromoly, and sealed bearings give it a high-quality rating, making it a mid-level bike.

However, some things that are overlooked include reviews. I don’t talk about craftmanship very often. Mostly because the bikes that I review are from core bmx companies. Mongoose mass produces these bikes and sometimes little details are overlooked.

Sure it has the specs, but here are some issues I have found…

Faulty Handlebars:

Overall the bike is pretty decent. My son and I had a VERY hard time putting the handlebars on because the instruction pamphlet shows a completely different style of brakes/handlebar configuration so we had to guess. Also, possibly a piece or insert missing in the handlebars. We assembled as instructed. My son was riding and the handlebars turned down, stopped the wheel, and he was thrown off his bike. Not sure what to do now…will probably have to take to a bike shop to get it repaired if possible. I would not recommend this bike. I feel like I wasted the money.

Amazon Review


Chances are that they didn’t tighten the bars right. When building your new bike, always tighten the bolts in an X pattern. It is also possible that the knarling came out bad on this bike, meaning that it will slip no matter how much you tighten it.

Must have faulty break line!

Please when ordering this bike have a professional check the brake line and brake handle before letting your child or loved one ride it. My 11-year-old son worked very hard for several months saving up money to purchase this bike only to be let down twice and end up with some pretty bad concrete burn on his knees, elbows, and hands. We are on our second bike of this model because the first one’s brake line was too short to finish assembly so Amazon picked that one up and sent us another one. (that arrived 2 days later than promised) When we received the second one we were able to complete assembly but when my son tried to ride it for the first time he had a pretty bad crash caused by the faulty brake line. When he tried to pull the brake handle the brake line ripped through the handle which caused the breaks not to work and since he was unable to stop the bike he crashed. I took the bike to the same bike shop I had taken the first one and they said that the bike was assembled correctly and that they were able to see where the brake line ripped through the brake handle and that should not have ever happened. They also sais that since this was the second bike that I had brought to them with this same issue that there must be something wrong at the manufacturer with the brake lines for this bike model. So again, if you purchase this bike make sure you check and double-check the safety features on this bike before anyone rides it.

amazon review


I’m not going to say much on this one, since I don’t ride brakes and it sounds a bit dramatic. However, a lot of people found it helpful and that might mean it’s a real issue. This just goes back to what I was saying about craftsmanship. Little things like a faulty manufactured brake line are more common with mass-produced bikes.

Buy if you are learning:

  • 180
  • 360
  • bar spin
  • grinding rails
  • fakie tricks

Don’t buy if you are learning:

  • big drops
  • tail whips
  • 540


Ask yourself this question: Am I a mid-level rider who wants a bike with a 21″ toptube and a freecoaster bike? If yes, consider the Legion L500. This is probably the only mongoose that I will review since the quality is actually pretty decent. Just be prepared for small issues here and there.

Common Questions

  • Where can I buy this bike? The only place that I have seen the Mongoose L500 for sale is through amazon or the Mongoose website. Buy the bike here
  • Is this bike for park, dirt, or street? The L500 is advertised as a well-rounded bike for all 3. However, I think it’s mostly a park or street bike. For Dirt get something like the Fit TRL
  • How much does it weigh? 29 lbs


Douglas Laird

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